Law360 Reports on COVID-19 Business Interruption Case Win Against Philadelphia Bowling Alley

Law 360 reported on Stewart Smith’s recent COVID-19 business interruption case win against a Philadelphia bowling alley. Representing Everest National Insurance Co., Stewart Smith filed a motion for summary judgment arguing that the virus exclusion in the bowling alley’s policy precluded it from coverage. Judge Leon W. Tucker of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas agreed and granted the motion for summary judgment based on an “unambiguous” virus exclusion in the insurer’s policy.

This is one of many business interruption cases on which Stewart Smith has prevailed. Most recently, in August, the 4th Circuit affirmed the lower court’s decision in favor of Stewart Smith’s client Colony Insurance, which denied business interruption coverage to Skillets Restaurants for losses they incurred when the pandemic forced them to temporarily halt in-person dining.

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